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Activities near Valuas

Hotel Restaurant Valuas is located in Venlo (North Limburg). A logistics and cultural center for the region. But there is also beautiful nature in which you can walk and cycle. Close to various roads and the German border, Valuas is a perfect location to stay during business events, fairs and other activities.

Valuas is a short distance from several cycling junctions. 
Click here to view the most beautiful routes in North Limburg.

In Venlo and the surrounding area, various events and/or exhibitions are organized for young and old in, for example, the city center, museums or in one of the parks. 

- 13 until 29th of October: Echanted Gardens at Kasteeltuinen Arcen

-  20th until 29th of October: fair in Venlo

- 16th and 17th of December: Christmas concert in the Maaspoort 

- Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of March 2024: Venloop (running event in Venlo)

- June/July 2024: EK soccer in Germany



Valuas is located directly on the Pieterpad. This path runs from Pieterburen on the North Groningen Wadden Sea to the Sint-Pietersberg in South Limburg.

This tour has 26 stages and 2 stages are on the route from our hotel! For more information, see the Pieterpad website.

There are many large cities near Venlo that are ideal for a day out with shopping opportunities.


Would you like to make the famous fried egg from Restaurant Valuas yourself? We invite you to our kitchen to prepare this dish together with one of the chefs of Valuas. They will show you the secret behind valuas' famous fried egg. After this workshop, you will of course enjoy the homemade fried egg in our brasserie La Vie.

The workshop can be booked from Tuesday to Saturday from 15:00 to 16:30.

Participation in this workshop is possible from 1 person with a maximum of 6 participants.

€27,50 per person (excluding drinks)


Valuas b.v.

Sint Urbanusweg 11
5914 CA Venlo
+31 (0)77-354 1141

No dogs allowed, excluding assistance dogs excluding assistance dogs

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