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Feel free to snack healthy!

Tasty and conscious snacking? Taste the quality croquette and bitterbal from the own Valuas Kroketterie.

The snack culture in the Netherlands is changing. There is rightly more attention for better quality and healthier snacks. With the Valuas Kroket we were way ahead of our time. Back in 2004, Master Chef Eric Swaghoven of restaurant Valuas in Venlo developed a luxurious beef croquette in which he processed only the very best ingredients.

The Valuas Croquette line has almost 40 different flavors and sizes, from own production, customization to private label. The croquettes and bitterballen can be ordered and collected for the deep fryer and oven/air fryer. Oven/air fryer croquettes and bitterballen available on request.

We use sustainably and environmentally friendly produced ingredients of the highest quality for our croquettes and bitterballen. Our beef croquette contains 45 percent beef from the most flavorful parts of beef. We make our asparagus croquette with asparagus from the best asparagus grower in the region. Only Dutch shrimp go into our shrimp croquette and we use shrimp bisque as a basis for stock.

Croquettes with a seasonal twist

Our croquettes love the season. Such as pumkin and beam croquettes in the winter, asparagus croquettes in the spring, tomato risotto croquettes in the summer and venison and game croquettes in the autumn. In our Kroketterie we still roll our croquettes by hand. We naturally omit added artificial substances. The result is a traditional, tasty and well-filled croquette with honest ingredients.

Custom croquettes

Have an idea for a croquette? The Valuas Kroketterie also makes custom croquettes. In addition, the Kroketterie also develops other products on request and you can contact us to improve existing products. Everything, if desired, with private label.

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